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Communication Applications

[MS Outlook] [Yahoo Messenger] [MS NetMeeting] [Yahoo Email] [AOL IM] [ICQ]

MS Outlook

  • Outlook Express  in The Classroom - [Kids] [Text Based] [Self Paced]  - This tutorial is  produced by ACT360 Media Ltd. in conjunction with Microsoft Corporation.  It's fun for kids and includes quizzes.

  • Tutorials in MS Outlook - [Intermediate] [Text Based] [Visual] [Self Paced] - Quick tutorials focusing on MS Outlook for Windows XP.

  • Microsoft Education MS Outlook - [Beginner] [Advanced] [Text Based] [Visual] [Self Paced] - A practical guide for teachers from Microsoft's instructional resource site.  Includes both online and downloadable files for tutorials.

  • Microsoft Outlook Assistance Center - [Intermediate] [Text Based] [Multimedia] [Self Paced] - From the Microsoft Office Assistance Center website - covers excellent tutorials for MS Outlook 2002.

Yahoo Messenger

  • Yahoo! Messenger - [Beginner] [Text Based] [Visual] [Self Paced] - A short beginner's guide for using Yahoo! Messenger.  Includes how to edit preferences and other features.

  • Yahoo Instant Messenger - [Beginner] [Text Based] [Visual] [Self Paced] - Short lessons in using Yahoo Instant Messenger  (includes video clips).

MS NetMeeting {Top}

  • Microsoft NetMeeting How-To-Guide - [Intermediate] [Text Based] [Self Paced] - From the Microsoft Product Services Support website - covers some of the major functions of MS NetMeeting.

Yahoo Email

AOL Instant Messenger

  • AOL Instant Messenger - [Beginner] [Text Based] [Visual] [Self Paced] - Short lessons in using AOL Instant Messenger 5.0 (includes video clips).

  • Understanding AOL Instant Messenger - [Beginner] [Intermediate] [Text Based] [Multimedia] [Self Paced] - From - short tutorials for understanding some of the features of AOL Instant Messenger using multimedia.

ICQ {Top}

  • ICQ Tour - [Beginner] [Text Based] [Visual] [Self Paced] - ICQ (or 'I Seek You') instant messenger is used by millions worldwide to make the complicated work of finding friends, colleagues and people with similar interests, as straightforward as calling across a room and starting a friendly conversation. This step-by-step tour is where you begin to learn how to use all ICQ features to your needs & advantage.