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Internet Applications

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Search Engines

  • Search Engine Tutorials - [Intermediate] [Text Based] [Self Paced] - From the Search Engine Watch website - provides links to tutorials, guides, articles and resources to help you use search engines better.

  • Basic Internet Searching - [Beginner] [Text Based] [Self Paced] - From the SearchEngineShowdown website - "this online tutorial explores basic Internet search strategies and some standard Web search tools. It covers URL guessing, the basics of multiple word searches and offers some tips."

  • Advanced Internet Searching - [Advanced] [Text Based] [Self Paced] - From the SearchEngineShowdown website - "moving beyond the basics, this hands-on workshop compares and contrasts the capabilities of the search engines."

  • Finding Information on the Internet - [Advanced] [Text Based] [Self Paced] - This tutorial presents the substance of the Internet Workshops  offered year-round by the Teaching Library at the University of California at Berkeley.

  • Introduction to Browsers - [Beginner] [Text Based] [Self Paced] [Visual] - "this tutorial was created by two teachers  who brought together their Internet knowledge and classroom experiences to develop a training tool useful for anyone, but designed specifically for teachers. Through extensive field tests giving teachers hands-on use of the program, the tutorial was refined and enhanced to address those things which would help you to use the Internet in your classroom."

  • Searching the Net - [Kids] [Text Based]  [Interactive] [Self Paced] - a great tutorial for primary teachers to use that includes activities and exercises. 

Browsers {Top}

  • Customizing the Browser - [Intermediate] [Text Based] [Self Paced] - This tutorial goes through how to customize Internet Explorer 6.0 and Outlook Express to suit your requirements.

  • Browsing Web Pages - [Intermediate] [Text Based] [Self Paced] - The objective of this tutorial is to learn what web pages are and how to navigate them.

  • Internet Explorer in The Classroom - [Kids] [Text Based] [Self Paced]  - This tutorial is  produced by ACT360 Media Ltd. in conjunction with Microsoft Corporation.  It's fun for kids and includes quizzes.

  • Internet Explorer Tutorial - [Beginner] [Text Based] [Self Paced] - This tutorial is divided into two sections.   Section I contains all the commands and functions for Internet Explorer.   Section II contains some special features in Internet Explorer.