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Learning Styles

Each tutorial is categorized with different characteristics of learning styles in order to accommodate different learner needs.  Below is an explanation of each learning characteristic.

  • [Beginner]: Little or no knowledge about the application and would like to understand some of the basic features.

  • [Intermediate]: Some knowledge about the application but would like to understand more features than just the basics.

  • [Advanced]: Good knowledge about the application but would like to understand how to use more of the advanced features.

  • [Text Based]: The tutorial is based on text with very little images.

  • [Self Paced]: The tutorial can be completed anytime.

  • [Time Frame]: The tutorial has to be taken within a specified period of time.

  • [Visual]: The tutorial includes both text and images.

  • [Multimedia]: The tutorial includes video images and audio sound.  May require the use of a media player such as Real Audio or Windows Media Player.

  • [Interactive]: The tutorial provides the learner with exercises, quizzes, or questions and checks the results of your answers.

  • [Kids]: The tutorial is devoted to kids learning and is also appropriate for teachers.